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Cloud-based platform for assessment of maturity and measurement of policy adherence


Pellustro is a cloud-based self-assessment platform that manages the end to end life-cycle of capturing and verifying individual opinions representing level of adherence and maturity, and transparently visualizes quantified results for actionable insights.


Qualitative assessments enable just-in-time policy adherence measurement and maturity assessment. They form the basis for early issue detection.

A qualitative assessment is a judgement-based analysis.

Individual opinions on adherence to policies, standards, principles and capabilities are collected through meetings, observations, workshops, surveys, and interviews from all relevant participants.

Pellustro supports the full measurement and assessment lifecycle – from setup, to execution and analysis.


Objectivized Decision-Making

Integrate community evaluations, sentiment, and expert advice with flexible analytics to assess current state and trends

Context Specific Models

Use custom models and a range of templates for maturity analysis, scorecards, sentiment analysis and confidence indices

Institutional Benchmarking

View results of assessments over time, across business units and stakeholder groups, and against industry benchmarks

Policy & Commitment Adherence

Assess adherence to policies and standards defined by governed functions and capture progress toward committed objectives


Qualitative Self Or Guided Assessment

Any Model And Multi Hierarchy For Assessment
Dynamic Aggregation And Filtering


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You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Peter Drucker

You can’t govern when adherence can’t be measured.”


Pellustro is a cloud-based SaaS that can be integrated into your existing GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) platform, to enable on-time, highly frequent, formal and global qualitative assessments of adherence to policies, standards, principles and best practices.

Leveraged by leading, global institutions, Pellustro meets all requirements for Enterprise Grade SaaS.



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