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Monetizing data-related assets.

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We Monetize Your Data-Related Assets

One goal of better data management is to help organizations monetize data-related assets as effectively as possible. Element22 has developed a proven process to ready client assets for marketplace opportunities.

On a case-by-case basis, we:

  • Assess and validate the value of services, technologies, and data offered by the organization to internal and external clients
  • Define go-to-market strategies, approaches, and branding to monetize existing data-related assets
  • Advise buyers or sellers on the acquisition or sale of data-related assets including software, data content, or entire organizations
  • Define strategies designed to transform organizations into analytical innovators through state-of-the-art business analytics
  • Act as program managers on the purchase or sale of data-related assets, the execution of go-to-market strategies, or the rollout of business analytics strategies designed to monetize existing data-related assets

We successfully worked with clients to monetize their data-related assets.

A Sound, End-to-End Process

The first step is to assess a client’s position in light of the current market and competitive landscape.  Based on existing assets and data management practices, we propose an ideal state to work toward that is in line with our clients’ objectives and with the market opportunities we see. In the process, we identify a cost-effective path toward achievement of the targeted model.

Next, we use our knowledge and expertise to help clients develop on-point business plans and financial models. We propose effective go-to-market strategies and our broad network helps identify potential partnerships and bring offerings to market.

Entering the Marketplace

We work closely with organizations wanting to enter the data management business or expand their current capabilities and support client business development and M&A teams in the creation, development, and operations of new data management ventures.

Our services don’t stop at the design point. We stay on after helping to develop the preliminary due diligence criteria to ensure seamless post-merger integration and sustainability of the transaction. Throughout the entire process, we help clients utilize existing assets as efficiently and effectively as possible. For example, we help clients translate massive amounts of data (“Big Data”) into real and utilizable knowledge. That knowledge forms a foundation for more effective end-to-end decision making, giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Residual Benefits

This process establishes an effective practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization’s data with an emphasis on statistical and operations analysis.  It also fosters the formation of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models and a data-driven culture across the entire enterprise. These benefits equip any enterprise to achieve growth targets and to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry landscape.

 Increase data management maturity.

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