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Maturing data management.

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We Assess And Increase Your Data Management Maturity

‘Data management maturity’ defines data management readiness across core processes and functions within an enterprise. Industry accepted models have been developed by the CMMI Institue and the EDM Council over the last years with the objective to define a set of criteria to benchmark current data management capabilities against established industry best practices.

Element22 contributed to the formulation of the CMMI Institute’s Data Management Maturity (DMMSM) Model 1.0, and to Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council’s Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAMTM).

These models standardize the definition of enterprise data management programs within the financial industry and provides a blueprint of required capabilities that are necessary for a robust, sustainable and business value-oriented data management program.

Element22 helps financial industry enterprises improve their data management maturity and data quality by:

  • Using DCAMTM  or  DMMSM to assess the current capability or maturity for data strategy, governance, operations, technology, data architecture and data quality
  • Identifying and recommending initiatives that will increase client data maturity
  • Further defining strategies and governance practices and designing roadmaps to increase the maturity of data operations
  • Advising on best practices and industry trends that can help in the implementation of technologies, the selection of vendors, and the setup of data management organizations
  • Defining data quality strategies, metrics, and improvement processes
  • Serving as project managers to implement identified data strategies and initiatives
  • Implementing data management capabilities for data quality management, data governance, master data management, meta data management, data architecture management and business intelligence management

We have a successful track record and in-depth experience in improving data management maturity.

Covers all aspects, from vision to execution roadmap

We then work closely with our clients’ business and technology executives to develop a joint data management vision and to map successful implementation. Element22 addresses all aspects of data management including data management strategy, data governance, technology architecture, data architecture, operations, data sourcing, quality, metrics, control environment and business cases.

Insight into new developments in the data management industry are included

Element22 is involved (often in a leading role) in a number of industry-wide enterprise data management initiatives and also in legal and regulatory efforts. Therefore, we can incorporate fresh trends and new developments in the data management industry as we assess a client’s data management maturity.

We also ensure successful execution, from start to finish

We not only develop strategic plans to improve data maturity as part of the data maturity assessment, but we also participate in the implementation of our recommendations to ensure successful execution from start to finish.

Often we find ourselves involved in the implementation of master data management, data quality management and data architecture management. Operationalizing data governance across the enterprise or for a selected organization unit is one of the projects we do the most.

Monetize data-related assets.

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