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Element22 / Experience

We Designed And Implemented Sustainable Data Management

Our experience is well-diversified. We have worked with leading institutions across the financial industry, including:

  • Asset and Wealth Managers
  • Hedge fund administrators and asset servicing firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Regional, private and global banks
  • Investment Bankers and Private Equity Firms
  • Financial software and data vendors
  • Market Infrastructure & Utility Providers
  • Rating & Research Agencies
  • Authorities & Regulators
  • Industry Associations

Element22 was one of the participating companies in the three-year project that formulated the Data Management Maturity (DMMSM) Model. The project was a joint effort led by the Enterprise Data Management Council in partnership with the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University and was designed to “turn the art and practice into the science and discipline of data management.” Element22 actively contributes to ongoing development of the DMM Model, which is now called Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM).

Regarding enterprise data management and data management maturity, we team up with our clients’

business, operations, and technology executives to help assess and define data management strategies and roadmaps, addressing all aspects of data management utilizing the EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) (formerly known as Data Management Maturity Model (DMM))

chief operation officers (COO) and chief data officers (CDO) in the design and implementation of robust enterprise data management practices, such as data quality management, master data management, data governance (including the stewardship operating model, data architecture and business analytics management

chief investment officers, portfolio managers, traders, and analysts to establish data-driven investment management processes that simplify activities around idea generation, implementing sophisticated business analytics for risk management and loss prevention

chief data officers (CDO) to define and establish a target operating model for enterprise wide data governance including the design and implementation of required data governance platforms, processes, structures and policies

business analysts and architects to design data management platforms and data models based on current business needs and regulatory requirements

chief data officers (CDO) and chief information officers (CIO) in the selection of data management technologies and evaluation of software vendors such as Goldensource, Informatica, Xenomorph, Asset Control, Bloomberg Polarlake, IBM, Informatica, Joss Technology, Kingland Systems, Markit EDM Suite, etc. or in the selection of managed data services and the evaluation of service providers such as Avox, Bloomberg Polarlake, CounterpartyLink, DTCC, iGate, Kingland Systems, Markit, Smartstream, etc.

internal buyers and end users to assess the quality of vendor data and assist in the strategic management of vendors and the negotiation of contracts; we also assist in the selection of data and technology investment offerings

… and much more

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Also, visit our overview of innovative solutions and services that we designed, built and optimized for DCAM here.

Learn how you can use Pellustro to effectivly measure your data management maturity against the Data Management Maturity Model (DMMSM) or the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM).


We Monetized Data-Related Assets For Our Clients

Regarding commercialization of data-related assets, we work with our clients’

business executives to assess opportunities for commercialization and monetization of client data assets and services by analyzing the existing market landscape from both the demand and supply sides, helping them develop business plans including financial models, proposing savvy go-to-market strategies, and identifying potential partnerships

business executives, business developers, and M&A teams who want to enter the data management business or expand their current capabilities. We help them formulate business plans, develop business cases, and go-to-market strategies. We help perform pre-deal due diligence and stay with the project after the deal is done to ensure sustainable post-merger integration.

executives and product managers on the commercialization of existing data assets including the survey and analysis of selected market players within the ETF space to define key requirements for the product offering

management consultants to establish a consulting practice for data management within the financial industry

… and much more

Find out more about our service for monetizing data-related assets.

The above listed references provide a snapshot of our engagements over the past couple of years. Further information is available upon request. Find information about our partners in the company section of our web page.


We Are a Thought Leader for Data And Information Management

Regarding thought leadership, we work with authorities and the financial industry

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