Element22 launches solutions designed to complement the EDM Council’s DCAM and support the holistic improvement of EDM capabilities

Complementing the EDM Council’s release of the Data Management Capabilities Assessment Model (DCAM) in February 2015, Element22 has introduced a set of solutions that are optimized for DCAM-based improvements to EDM capabilities.

Element22 has been involved in defining data management standards for the financial services industry from its founding: having contributed to the formulation of the CMMI Institute’s Data Management Maturity (DMM) Model 1.0 and to EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM).

With optimized solutions for the DCAM, Element22 helps institutions to efficiently establish and strengthen best practice EDM capabilities:

 Designed, built and optimized for 



Pellustro for DCAM

With Pellustro for DCAM financial institutions manage the complete lifecycle of DCAM assessments from gathering stakeholder inputs to recording evidence and visualizing results.


planDM for DCAM

planDM for DCAM is a productized, highly-optimized methodology to assess the state of capabilities or sentiment and enables the development of a strategic plan to build out the most relevant capabilities within 4 to 6 weeks.


Advisory Services for DCAM

Our Advisory Services for DCAM are designed for the implementation and optimization of financial institution’s capabilities based on industry best practices.

Contact us to learn more about Element22 solutions for DCAM to find out how we can support your journey in implementing DCAM capabilities as efficient and effective as possible.