Element22 adds Methea Tep, boosting data business and operations expertise

Element22, a boutique data advisory firm within the financial services industry, is pleased to welcome Methea Tep as a partner and member of its executive management team.

Tep is well known in the data management industry and has over 19 years’ experience in the financial services sector. The depth and diversity of Tep’s expertise in creating data businesses, building data operations from scratch, and developing data quality frameworks and methodologies will be a significant contribution to Element22’s offerings as it continues to expand its capabilities and capacity to meet increasing client demand.
“Element22 is an innovative company and I am extremely excited to join its very talented group of executives,” says Tep.

Predrag Dizdarevic, Element22 founder and partner says, “We have known and worked with Methea for the better part of 10 years and are excited to work as a team again. Methea’s unique background in creating, positioning, and operating data businesses will help our clients achieve higher maturity levels in their data management operations as well as better commercialization of their data assets. Element22 is getting a major boost in the data advisory business with the depth of expertise in data business and operations that Methea brings as a new partner.”

The dual effect of rising costs and shrinking budgets has severely impacted the purchasing power of data management organizations. This, in turn, has greatly impacted strategic planning and innovation of data management across the enterprise.

The company’s unique and unbiased perspective helps clients make informative and strategic decisions, combining the right balance between in-house build versus buy decisions on technology and implementing an operating model that balances the power of IT and business functions, enabling them to achieve their strategic objectives as they meet tactical, short-term requirements.

Prior to joining Element22, Tep held executive positions at SmartStream Technologies, Capco Data Services, and Iverson Financial Systems. As executive vice president at SmartStream, he established new operating centers and the data utility business model. As partner and senior vice president at Capco, he devised a global onshore-offshore operating model that provided uninterrupted, around-the-clock services while also reducing costs. As vice president of operations at Iverson, he oversaw the full life cycle of the company’s products, restructured its Global Index Monitor (GIM) and Global Exchange-Traded Funds Monitor (GEM) into a scalable, profitable utility business.

About Element22


Element22 is a privately-held boutique advisory firm that is recognized within the financial services industry for its expertise in data. Founded in 2009, the firm was formed to support financial services firms as they scrambled to address increased challenges with their data management programs or wanted to explore potential commercialization of their data-related assets. Sweeping regulatory changes, increased risk management needs, greater requirements for business transparency, a more competitive business landscape, and ongoing pressure to improve efficiency weigh on industry firms as they strategically plan for business growth. Element22’s foundational data management initiative offers a multifaceted solution to financial institutions, vendors, and investment bankers for data-related issues ranging from maturing data management to monetizing data-related assets.